Facial Cleansing Grains

Facial Cleansing Grains

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Packaged in a 3.0 oz jar with a shaker top. Natural grains, clays and essential oils for a delicate chemical-free cleanse.

TO USE: Simply make a paste. Place 1 teaspoon of grains in the palm of your hand and trickle a tiny bit of water until you develop a paste. Massage into face gently and avoid harsh scrubbing. Rinse off.

INGREDIENTS: almond meal, rhassoul clay, oat flour*, rice bran, colloidal oat flour*, rosehip seeds*, grapeseeds*, essential oils of frankincense*, lavender*, carrot seed, myrrh*, balsam copaiba, palmarosa, and patchouli*. * = Certified Organic Ingredient

net wt. 3.0 oz

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