Facial Cleansing Grains

Facial Cleansing Grains

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Packaged in a 3.0 oz jar with a shaker top. Natural grains, clays and essential oils for a delicate chemical-free cleanse.

TO USE: Simply make a paste. Place 1 teaspoon of grains in the palm of your hand and trickle a tiny bit of water until you develop a paste. Massage into face gently and avoid harsh scrubbing. Rinse off.

INGREDIENTS: almond meal, rhassoul clay, oat flour*, rice bran, colloidal oat flour*, rosehip seeds*, grapeseeds*, essential oils of frankincense*, lavender*, carrot seed, myrrh*, balsam copaiba, palmarosa, and patchouli*. * = certified organic ingredient

Ingredient lists are subject to change, please refer to product packaging for the most accurate and up-to-date ingredient lists.

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terrific, gentle, Special Needs-friendly

My fabulous 15 year-old child is multiply, profoundly disabled, medically fragile + complex with life-limiting illness. He also is a teen, going through puberty with acne. He is unable to participate in any of his self-care (I do it all) and I don't like to use anything harsh or irritating on him because a) he can't tell me and b) he already has it hard enough! I saw this product here when I was purchasing a diffuser (which I also l-o-v-e and have bought multiples of) so thought I'd try it, first on myself and, if I felt it was appropriate, on him. It is GREAT! It is definitely a scrub but not harsh. Because of the purity of the ingredients I feel good about using it on his face; some has gotten in his mouth (as I suspected it would so I also left some on my lip to "taste" when I tried it out -- while it's not yummy it also doesn't promote vomiting or anything dangerous) and it's fine. It absorbs the oil on his face and I think has helped with his acne / blackheads -- he still has both, I mean he is actively going through puberty! -- his skin is a bit smoother and it really does help with the oil. I am very pleased with this product and can absolutely recommend it to other parents with Special Needs kiddos, which means I can recommend it to **everyone**, because if it's gentle enough for our kiddos, then it's gentle enough for all.

Love it

I love this product. Do not change anything about it!

Look No Further

I have sensitive skin and I find myself struggling to find products that do not leave my face dried out or splotchy. I tried Face Grains about 3 months ago and I found my miracle solution to my skin problems. This product is so gentle yet exfoliating on your skin, it smells amazing, and leaves your face feeling supple and smooth after each wash. The bottle lasts a long time and it is worth every last penny, I would recommend Face Grains to anyone who wants to feel a noticeable difference in their skin after each wash.

Was skeptical... but now a MUST have

I am in my mid-30s and was struggling with every issue under the sun... acne, oily skin and then dry, dull, you name it!! I have tried probably 6 different face washes over the past year and nothing seemed to work. I saw this on a visit to the store and bought on a total whim. I have now gotten through my first bottle of the Face Grains (which lasted me a full 2 months!!) and I don't think I will ever need another face wash again. I haven't had a single breakout since using it, my skin is amazingly soft and my oily to dry spells are much less intense. My husband has even noticed a difference in my skin! The product takes a little getting used too and can be a little messy, but totally manageable.

Great facial exfoliant!

I am very pleased with this product! It is a great exfoliant! I will continue to use this product on a regular basis.