Poison Ivy Soap Bar

Poison Ivy Soap Bar

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Poison Ivy soap draws out the rash and dries up the blisters. Our combination of clays and tea tree oil has been proven to quickly stop the itching and spread of poison ivy. Repeat customers swear by it and never start the Spring season without a bar on hand.

FOR BEST RESULTS: Wet bar and work up a thick lather. Gently apply the lather to the rash and allow to dry. Do not rinse off! Repeat often.

Texture: Smooth and creamy

Ingredients: saponified olive, coconut, palm, and castor oil, naturally retained glycerin, green zeolite clay, bentonite clay, essential oils, mineral colorant, vitamin E oil.

net wt. 4 oz.

Customer Reviews

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Sandy Guzo
Ready for summer with poison ivy soap

I give the poison ivy soap 5

Holly Flowers
Poison Ivy Soap

This soap is AMAZING!!! Nothing works like this soap does! It relieves the itch within seconds!!! I would never use anything else because this works so well!!!

Katie Kern
A simple solution that works

I have come to think of myself as a poison ivy expert. My Southern home produces an abundance of the stuff. As a joke a friend sent me a link to your site. I ordered and have since reordered and recommended it to others.
1. If you cover your skin with the lather before exposure it will act as a barrier and reduce contact with your skin. Do this if you know you are already allergic to poison ivy or if you will be in an area that has it.
2. After exposure rinse off with cool water so as not to spread the volatile oil, urushiol.
3. After getting a rash follow the directions and leave the lather on your skin. It dries almost clear.
4. Rinse and reapply throughout the day and before going to sleep.

Unlike other poison ivy treatments this stuff has a wonderful fragrance. As an added bonus, putting on the lather before working outside has also reduced the number of bug bites that I get.

It really works!

I never would have thought this would work- but holy cow does it! I got poison on my arm, leg and one foot (no idea how) and after using the soap three times the poison is all gone! No itching, no spreading, GONE! I love this stuff!

When I was in the store, I was told to lather, apply the lather to the poison and let if dry before washing it off. It makes all the difference. Thanks again Pompeii!