Mint Melange Foaming Milk Bath Bomb

Mint Melange Foaming Milk Bath Bomb

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In 2022, we completely revamped our bath bomb formula. These are now slow-foaming milk baths that are creamy rather than oily and leave the skin feeling soft. They foam gradually for a long time for a more relaxing bath than conventional bath bombs.

Mint Mélange features creamy coconut milk and distilled spearmint water which helps to make the skin feel soft and provides a refreshing minty aromatic experience.


  • Creamy Coconut Milk
  • Minty Essential Oil Synergy
  • Distilled Spearmint Water
  • Dried Spearmint Leaves

Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, coconut milk, organic coconut oil (fractionated), sodium lauryl sulfoacetate (coconut derived, not a sulfate!), essential oil blend, spearmint hydrosol, dried spearmint leaves.

How to use a bath bomb: After filling a bathtub with warm water, drop the bath bomb into the water. Relax and breathe deeply. After the bath, simply wipe down any residue to prevent slipping.

Our bath bombs are packaged in 100% biodegradable Biolefin shrink wrap that breaks down into harmless component elements and biomass instead of toxic micro-pollutants.

Approximate Net Content: 5 oz

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