Lavender Neck Wrap

Lavender Neck Wrap

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This microwaveable hot/cold herbal wrap is the perfect way to relax after a long day of work. Filled with lavender and flax seeds, the wrap creates a soothing warm compress when heated. Use on tight or sore muscles.

Note from the soapmaker: "These handmade neck wraps are one of my favorite things. I use mine almost every day. It's perfect after a long day of stirring, mixing, labeling, and lip balm making." -Jess

TO USE COLD: Store in plastic bag in freezer. Great on a hot day, to relieve sunburn, fever, hot flashes, or inflammation.

TO USE HOT: Microwave 30 seconds at a time until you know what time works best in your microwave. Usually it is approx. 90 seconds but microwaves vary greatly.Shake well before use and never use against bare skin.

Common Sense Precautions: Never use against bare skin. Be careful when removing from microwave and applying to body. Always shake bag first to distribute the heat evenly. Never use bags on infants or anyone who cannot remove it themselves. Don't put bags on places where people can't feel if it's too hot, such as the feet of a diabetic person who can't feel their feet or legs very well.

Colors and patterns may deviate from what is shown in the picture but will always be a shade (or combination) of purple and/or teal.

Net Content = 1 lb

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Love ❤️

Lisa ross
Lavender neckwrap

These seem a bit pricey but after I got it worth every penny. I used mine daily. I have rheumatoid arthritis an I love that it's big enough to cover a big area an light weight. The warmth really soothes my pain and lavender scent is so relaxing. Love this product.


I use this often, I love it!

I Need to Purchase One For Myself

I bought this as a gift and have not yet used the product. However, the service was excellent and delivery quick. Packaging is also nice. It smells wonderful and I can imagine the person I purchased it for will certainly get good use out of it.

Happy mom-in-law

Got this as a gift for mom-in-law. She loved it! You have a very happy 80 year old fan.