Lavender Gift Set (Deluxe)
Lavender Gift Set (Deluxe)

Lavender Gift Set (Deluxe)

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Love Lavender? Know someone who does? Give the gift of Lavender and along with it you will be giving the gift of skin nourishing, pampering and calming ingredients. We use Bulgarian lavender which has a sweeter aroma (due to a lower camphor content) and is generally more therapeutic for both skin and sleep.  

Includes 1 each of the following:

• Body Butter (8.5 fl oz)
• Lotion (8.5 fl oz)
• Liquid Soap (8.5 fl oz)
• Soap Bar (4 oz)
• Aroma Mist (4 fl oz)
• Lip Balm (.15 oz tube)
• Sugar Scrub (net wt 8.5 oz)
• Neck Wrap (fabric color may vary)
• Soap Lift (color may vary)

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