Catnip Hydrosol
Catnip Hydrosol
Catnip Hydrosol

Catnip Hydrosol

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Botanical Name: Nepata cataria
Distilled: July 2023
Plant Part: Leaves & Stems
Shelf Life: 18 Months (if refrigerated)
Cultivation:  Certified Organic, USA
Skin Types: All Skin Types
Uses: Insect Repelling, Calming, Sleep Aid, Cat Toy Refresher

Catnip hydrosol is best used for sedative/calming blends as well as insect repelling. We use it as the base ingredient in our popular Bug Repelling Aroma Mist for its ability to fend of pesky bugs. Add just a teaspoon to your evening cup of tea for a sedative calming effect. Cats that are stimulated by catnip may enjoy this organic hydrosol misted over old toys to give them a fresh boost.


When plant material is distilled in a copper still, two products are generally produced, essential oil and hydrosol. Hydrosol is the water part of the distillation and carries an abundance of therapeutic properties. Because this is the water part of the distillation, it is not as concentrated and dilution is not necessary. You can use hydrosols directly out of the mister bottle for an abundance of skin care applications. All our hydrosols are certified organic and cultivated and distilled in the USA for Pompeii Street Aromatherapy. Rose is the only exception since it was distilled from certified organic roses in Bulgaria. The distillation techniques used were to achieve the highest quality, therapeutic hydrosol. Our Hydrosols are NOT byproducts of making essential oil. They have all been distilled exclusively for the hydrosol.