Aloe Vera Gel (8.5 oz)

Aloe Vera Gel (8.5 oz)

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Organic aloe vera pulp cold pressed & thickened.

Use organic aloe vera gel to make your own hand sanitizer, after-sun blend, fungal blend, or burn blend. We recommend using it in a small spritzer bottle.

8.5 fl oz


This is organic pulp scraped from mature aloe vera leaves. After scraped, the chunks of pulp are then pressed and processed (without chemicals) into a gel form. It is mildly preserved with potassium sorbate and citric acid, then slightly thickened with natural xanthan gum. 


Shelf life is short and depends on how you store it. Only purchase what you will use in a few months. If adding anti-infectious essential oils (such as when making hand sanitizer), it can be kept for up to a year. 


Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

3 oz Aloe Vera Gel

6 oz Alcohol (190 proof neutral grain spirit)

45 drops essential oil (optional)

Blend aloe and alcohol first at room temperature (an immersion stick blender is recommended), then add essential oils. Apply using a small spritzer bottle.

Net Content = 8.5 fl oz

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Aloe Vera Gel

Love this Aloe Vera Gel! I use it daily in a face wash and directly on my skin after being in the sun. Great product and reasonably priced!

Best aloe gel!

I have been trying different brands of aloe, I even have an aloe plant, but I use aloe daily as part of my facial routine as well as for skin irritations or other acute needs that pop up for the family, so my one plant would not be able to keep up. :) I wanted a high quality, natural product, which is basically impossible to find in my local stores, I even tried one from Wole Foods, but knew it was just not right and had too many additives. So I ordered Pompeii Organics' aloe and have had it for a few days. It absorbs in so nicely into my skin and does not leave a sticky residue. It is more liquidy than I am used to but really, it is a perfect consistency for skin application. I will definitely be a return customer of this product and highly recommend it.