Lavender Essential Oil

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Latin Name Lavandula angustifolia
At a Glance Lavender is calming and skin healing
Cultivation Certified Organic, Bulgaria
Properties analgesic, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, cicatrisant, antiseptic
Chemistry (batch specific) linalol (29.44%), linalyl acetate (29.43%), terpinen-4-ol (4.96%), cis-b-ocimene (4.95%), lavandulyl acetate (3.76%), b-caryophyllene (3.27%)
Steam Distilled July 2019
Shelf Life 5 Years (approx.)

I find lavender to be most useful for it’s SEDATIVE and SKIN-HEALING properties: Cuts, burns (including sunburn), insect bites, inflammation, rashes, nervous conditions, insomnia, dermatitis, and eczema. My favorite use for lavender (lavandula angustifolia) is in a diffuser. If you have restless nights or have stress add a few drops to a diffuser or make a spray to mist over your bedding. Lavender is mood elevating and uplifting while at the same time, calming to the central nervous system.

CURRENT GC/MS Report for LAV-1009

Batch Archive:

Plant Origin: Bulgaria
Botanical family: Lamiaceae
Plant Part: Flowers, Certified Organic
Processed: Steam distilled
Chemical family: Esters, Monoterpenols
Aroma: Herbaceous & Floral
Note: Top-Middle
Color: Clear
Max Dermal Use: None suggested
Safety Concerns: None suggested


2nd Sacral, 6th Third Eye, 7th Crown

Lavender brings us calm and peace, allowing us to focus on our mental and spiritual needs. It is the perfect oil to use during meditation or whenever we need to relax. It helps us find a sense of balance and serenity during times of stress and emotional turmoil. Lavender allows us to feel safe and encourages us to be brave.

For educational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. We are passionate about aromatherapy and all things healthy and natural. We also believe strongly in the safe use of essential oils. 

Safety recommendations are based on Essential Oil Safety, 2nd Edition, Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young, 2014.


Latin Name:
Lavandula angustifolia
At a Glance:
Lavender is calming and skin healing
Certified Organic, Bulgaria
analgesic, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, cicatrisant, antiseptic
Chemistry (batch specific):
linalol (29.44%), linalyl acetate (29.43%), terpinen-4-ol (4.96%), cis-b-ocimene (4.95%), lavandulyl acetate (3.76%), b-caryophyllene (3.27%)
Steam Distilled:
July 2019
Shelf Life:
5 Years (approx.)

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Pure blissÉ
Written by aroma_luv on 17th Sep 2018

This is the best lavender EO I've ever experienced. Smells so pure and clean. And the only lavender EO that has helped me fall asleep. Will purchase again. Thank you!

Rich and complex lavender oil
Written by BeccaEm on 3rd Feb 2018

Wonderful lavender oil with a rich, deep scent. Very soothing and calming.

One of the many best
Written by undefined on 10th Jan 2018

I currently have this oil in my diffuser and my whole house smells wonderful

Great product
Written by undefined on 21st Nov 2017

I love this lavender--I use it almost every day!

So lovely
Written by Ma on 24th Dec 2016

Loved it, so smooth and fresh, loved that it did not have that strong camphor scent. So lovely, thumbs up too organic, wonderful customer service, package arrived perfectly. Will be ordering again. Thanks Pompeii Organics.

Great Product and lovely customer service as usual!
Written by Jenny H on 11th Dec 2016

I love this lavender oil and all of the oils I've purchased from Pompeii. Their customer service is really fantastic and the staff is so responsive and helpful. I highly recommend Pompeii's oils.

Quality lavender and quality business!
Written by Connie on 18th Nov 2016

I love this Lavender Essential Oil. Coming from the big MLM companies to Pompeii Organics has been a real rewarding experience. No membership required to purchase oil here:). These oils are high quality and the fact that each bottle is so properly labeled, and to go the extra mile they even place a label on top of the bottle:) I love direct access to the gc/ms test too! I will continue to promote this company. Connie, Wakeman, Ohio

Nice balanced angustifolia
Written by Matthew on 20th Sep 2016

i usually find true lavender a bit too sweet and fruity for my taste but I do really like this one, it's good and complex.

The best quality Lavender IÕve worked with to date
Written by Jade on 12th Jul 2016

I go through Lavender like teenage boys through food. I have many different sizes and brands on stock at all times but this is by far the best Lavender aroma bar none. My clients have even made some comments that the lavender is something special, keeping in mind I've only been using the Lavender for week so they picked up on it pretty fast. I know where the bulk of my Lavender will be coming from from now on.