Spiced Chai (Cardamom and Bay Laurel) Bath Bomb

Spiced Chai (Cardamom and Bay Laurel) Bath Bomb

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Cardamom is a complex and fresh essential oil. It has 1,8 cineole, a molecule that is also in eucalyptus globulus oil. Cardamom is a top choice for respiratory and tight muscles. The aroma is camphoraceous yet sweet and pairs beautifully with Bay Laurel oil in this super relaxing aroma synergy.

ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, arrowroot powder, coconut oil (organic), essential oil blend, organic vanilla extract, vitamin e oil, cardamom seed pod. 

How to use a bath bomb: After filling a bathtub with warm water, drop the bath bomb into the water. Relax and breathe deeply. After the bath, simply wipe down any residue to prevent slipping.


Minimum Net Content = 4 oz

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