Soap Flakes (1lb)-Discontinued
Soap Flakes (1lb)-Discontinued

Soap Flakes (1lb)-Discontinued

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This product is discontinued, so stock up on soap flakes now before they're gone forever!  

Formulated specifically for GREEN CLEANING! This is my own handmade natural soap base. The formula is similar to what I use for my “Pompeii Street” soaps, except that I slightly adjusted the formulation to have stronger cleaning properties and less suds, which is desirable in a natural laundry soap.

1 POUND RECIPE MY LAUNDRY POWDER RECIPE: Simply mix the following ingredients: 1 LB Soap Flakes 2 cups Washing Soda 6.5 cups Baking Soda 6.5 cups Borax Directions: Add just 1 Tablespoon for front load washers, 2 Tablespoons for top load washers.

YIELDS 250 LOADS in a front load (high efficiency washer) or 125 LOADS in a top load washer.

That’s all! This laundry powder works great all by itself without scent. If you want to add essential oils, I recommend adding 5 drops of essential oil just before adding it to your washing machine. That way you can change it up – Lemon one day, Lavender the next, Scotch Pine, Tea Tree… endless possibilities. 

INGREDIENTS: Saponified coconut, organic palm, olive, and castor oil, vitamin E oil, that’s all!

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