Opopanax Essential Oil (DISCONTINUED)

Opopanax Essential Oil (DISCONTINUED)

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This is on sale because it is not our freshest batch. We like to keep things fresh at Pompeii Street so when a new batch arrives, we put the previous batch on clearance. This batch may possibly have therapeutic life left or it may only be suitable for cleaning or crafting purposes. Please review the listing carefully (distillation date, shelf life etc.) before purchasing to ensure the oil will meet your needs.

Latin Name: Commiphora guidotti
Cultivation: Wildcrafted, Kenya
Chemistry: trans-b-ocimene (31.33%), a-santalene (19.81%), cis-a-bisabolene (16.34%), a-trans-bergamotene (5.30%)
Steam Distilled: October 2016
Shelf Life: 4-5 Years
This essential oil is discontinued

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