Lavender Hydrosol (Locally Distilled)

Lavender Hydrosol (Locally Distilled)

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Botanical Name: Lavandula angustifolia

Distilled: June 2021
Plant Part: Flowering Tops (buds)
Shelf Life: 18 Months (if refrigerated)
Cultivation: Organically Cultivated, USA
Skin Types: All Skin Types
Uses: Restore Skin pH, Skin Nourishment, Hydrating, Sleep Aid

Net Content: 4 fl oz

Back porch distilled in Mifflinburg, PA in an alembic copper still using organically cultivated English Lavender (Munstead/Hidcote Blend). Cultivated and distilled by Jessica Grill, a certified aromatherapist and owner of Pompeii Street Soap Co & Aromatherapy.

Lavender hydrosol is a great source for all your skin care needs, especially if there is some sort of irritation. Lavender hydrosol is a great skin balancer and is great to have on hand during the summer months when its cooling properties will come in handy. This same balancing, cooling property makes Lavender hydrosol a favorite of those with hot flashes, especially in combination with Peppermint hydrosol. Lavender hydrosol is an excellent choice for wounds, scrapes and cuts. A must have for any family first aid kit!

It is also useful for sleep when misted over and around the face and neck.

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