Almond Oil (Sweet), Virgin Organic
Almond Oil (Sweet), Virgin Organic

Almond Oil (Sweet), Virgin Organic

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Our virgin organic sweet almond oil is a superb emollient making it great for dry skin, itching, rashes and other skin inflammations. It is a light oil full of vitamins and essential fatty acids. Sweet Almond Oil is beneficial to all skin types. It blends beautifully with other carrier oils to form a skin-nourishing base for dry skin formulations.

Batch Details

Latin Name: Prunus dulcis

Origin: Certified Organic, India

Extraction: Cold-Pressed Nuts

Extraction Date: March 2019

Shelf Life: 3 Years (approx)

Nutrient Profile: Oleic Acid 72.5%, Linoleic Acid 18.5%, Palmitic Acid 4.7%, Stearic Acid 2.7%


Sweet Almond Oil is cold-pressed from certified organic, raw almonds. It should be stored in a cool, dark location with limited exposure to light and extreme temperature changes.