My Book of Blends (Book)

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ISBN 9780692587157

 Each book is personally signed by Liz Fulcher! For more information about Liz, please visit the Aromatic Wisdom Institute website.

How often have you loved a blend and couldn't remember what oils you used or what the recipe is to replicate it? Liz Fulcher and Natalie Marie Collins have created the perfect solution. My Book of Blends is must have to organize your recipes and notes about your blends. The first few pages focus on safety and dilution guidelines to keep the information at your fingertips while you create your blend. The rest of the book focuses on your recipes. Each recipe page lists the quantity of each Carrier, Essential Oil, and Hydrosol used, the purpose of your blend and mixing directions. When your blend is complete, rate your blend and add any notes for future batches. There is a handy Index at the front of the book to help you find the blend you need. This book is an easy way to keep all your perfect blends at your fingertips.