Lavender Liquid Soap

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Pure lavender essential oil in a natural and organic liquid soap that will leave you calm and refreshed...


8 fl.oz. pump top bottle

ingredients: saponified organic coconut and sunflower oil, lauryl betain*, organic vegetable glycerin, benzyl alcohol*, saponified palm kernel oil, lavender essential oil, decyl glucoside, potassium citrate. {*naturally derived and biodegradable}.

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Written by Nicole Rice on 20th May 2020

This is great for my one year old . We use it for our night time bath before bed.

Great as a shower gel
Written by Daniel on 8th May 2018

I wanted a change from my normal Neutrogena shower gel and swapped out to the lavender liquid soap. Glad that I did and wish I did sooner. My Pompeii liquid soap always smells fresh and calming.

kiquid soap
Written by undefined on 19th Aug 2016

my wife loves your soaps but the liquid does not make any suds? is this normal? this is the first time we have tried it Pompeii reply- Thanks for asking. Our liquid soap does produce some suds, but it will not make as much as a commercially produced soap which contain an ingredient specifically to produce bubbles. This synthetic ingredient is not necessary for cleaning action, it is strictly there to make bubbles. If you have hard water, that will also affect the amount of suds produced. If you have any other questions, please let us know.