Update May 8, 2020: We will remain closed as long as restaurants, salons, and spas are. We have been receiving a lot of questions about when we are re-opening the Mifflinburg store. Our store is in Union county, Pennsylvania, which will be updated to ‘yellow’ status on Friday May 8th . [click here to learn about Pennsylvania's plan for reopening]. During the pandemic, each and every business has and will continue to have challenges unique to their industry. Our retail store is very much a multi-sensory experience involving touching, testing, smelling, and deep breathing; therefore, we prefer to stay safe and stay closed. It is most likely that we will remain closed as long as restaurants, salons, and spas are. We were listed as an essential business (soap manufacturing) that could have been open this whole time but we chose not to because we care deeply about our co-workers, their families, and our local community. 




The quickest way to get your goods is to order on our website. Free shipping and free local delivery options are available during the checkout process. It's streamlined, secure, and user friendly.



9 am-1 pm MONDAY-SATURDAY only.



We are offering FREE LOCAL DELIVERY. Curbside pickup is not available. When ordering online (recommended), Mifflinburg residents can select free local delivery during the checkout process. Your package will be delivered to your door step the next business day in the afternoon (after 1 pm). 




phone: 570-966-1114




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Dear Friends, 

On March 17th, we temporarily closed our physical store in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19. It was difficult to close the physical store, as it is the home for all of us each day and for so many patrons who visit us regularly. However, the actual decision was easy. That decision was to protect the members of the Pompeii Street team and our community.

With the Mifflinburg storefront closed for now, our online store is still available. We all need soap in a time like this, especially good soap! We are offering free shipping and local home delivery to each of you through this crisis. It is our way of saying thank you for your support and to practice social distancing.       

We look forward to seeing you back in the store soon, but in the meantime I must say thank you for your support. If you wonder if your patronage makes a difference in the lives of people, it does. Our online and delivery business has continued to allow the permanent members of our team employed. This is something that you should be proud of. 

We hope our products bring you joy in these challenging times and that you will support other small businesses as you can. I wish you all good health.

On behalf of myself and a grateful bunch of lather-loving aroma nerds, we thank you!




Is Pompeii Street permitted to operate during COVID-19?

Although we are a very small cottage industry business, we are formally a soap manufacturer (SIC Code 325611), which is on the list of businesses allowed to continue operations in Pennsylvania (as of March 19, 2019).
Click here to see Governor Tom Wolf's press release.

Do you offer curbside pick up?

No. We want to do our part in encouraging everyone to stay home and also to keep our employees safe (and sane!) during this challenging time. Please take advantage of free local delivery and free shipping as long as the retail store is closed.

Can you make and sell hand sanitizer?

We do not currently have FDA approval or licensing to use alcohol in our products at this time. It requires laboratory testing, shelf life testing, fda approval, and licenses that cannot be whipped up quickly. You can, however, make your own homemade hand sanitizer with high proof neutral grain alcohol (such as Everclear brand). Look for alcohol percentages around 70% when making DIY hand sanitizer.