Dapper Dog Deodorizing Spritz

Dapper Dog Deodorizing Spritz

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DISCONTINUED. We recommend our Bug Repelling Aroma Mist (pictured below), which provides a more robust bug repelling action and is safe for use on dogs and kids.

Natural deodorizing spray for your doggy's coat or their bedding area. 10% of Dapper Dog profits are donated to a local-no kill shelter and spay/neuter programs. Ingredients: essential oils of cedarwood, lemongrass, peppermint, lavender, and litsea cubeba. This combination of essential oils have great insect repelling properties. 4 fl. oz. 10% of all Dapper Dog sales are donated to S.U.N. Pets, our local spay/neuter non-profit group in Lewisburg, PA.

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