Clary Sage Hydrosol

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Botanical Name Salvia sclarea
Distilled July 2019
Plant Part Flowers
Shelf Life 2 years (approx.)
Cultivation Certified Organic
Skin Types Oily Skin
Uses Acne Remedy, Astringent, Skin Balancing

 Clary Sage hydrosol is an excellent choice for emotional formulas. Here are a few ideas:

  • Hormone balancing
  • Menopausal symptoms (hot flash spray)
  • Relieves moodiness
  • Astringent and toning for oily skin
  • Mildly antispasmodic


Botanical Name:
Salvia sclarea
July 2019
Plant Part:
Shelf Life:
2 years (approx.)
Certified Organic
Skin Types:
Oily Skin
Acne Remedy, Astringent, Skin Balancing